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Model Casting | The Important Bits…

Please be aware that we are not an “Escort Directory”, nor do we operate as one. The Playboy Agency is a professionally run business, for “elite” girl’s and VIP Clientele. Therefore, our standards are extremely high and by working only with the elite, we are sure to keep them that way! 

Applications are welcomed from across the globe including the UK, USA, Middle East, South Africa and more. So if you are from a major City somewhere in the world and fancy living the dream, please don’t feel restricted by your location. The Playboy Agency is UK based but our Model’s are worldwide! Please note that you are required to be fluent in English with an excellent vocabulary, for your application to be considered.

The Playboy Agency attracts Client’s that are affluent, generous and highly successful business types. This provides you not only with opportunities to see the world, but to make valuable connections too… and most importantly have a blast along the way!

Client’s that are able to view your profile, have paid their fee and will be “approved” members. This means that you are much more likely to have genuine interest, fewer (if none) time-wasters and an added level of security. Please ensure that you are able to commit to your Client as he will to you.

The Playboy Agency allows the option to request that Client’s provide you with a “Sugar Baby” allowance. So you will be compensated for any elements you state on your profile, such as travel money and / or loss of earnings, whilst being on a date with the Client in question. They will be aware of the procedure for implementing Sugar Baby allowances to those girl’s that request it on their profile.

All Model’s representing The Playboy Agency must be aware that discretion is extremely important to our VIP Members. This should be demonstrated in all your communication with your client’s and beyond.

Casting FAQ’S

How Does It Work / How Do Clients Contact Me? Client’s will have access to a “proposal” form which will contain details about the kind of booking they would hope to have with you! These details are then forwarded to your own email address. It is now your choice to either decline the proposal or accept. Please note that the agency does not have any further involvement at this point. You are expected to arrange the finer details directly with your client and must respond to their contact within 24 hours.

***The client has paid for a service and has chosen you! Please do not leave them hanging…!***

Do I have to pay any fee’s to join ? No, not at all!

What about agency commission? There is none! Whatever you earn from being featured on our website, is 100% yours, period.

My Application Has Been Approved, How Can I Create My Profile? You can’t! This is simply because we will create your profile from the details you submit on the application form. Any further updates, just email hq@playboyagency and we will take care of it! 

How Often Will I Receive A Proposal? The amount of interest you receive depends on the popularity of your profile. Your images should be professionally taken and of high quality, to help potential Clients get a clear idea of how you will look when you meet. Ensure that you keep in touch with us with updates / new images for your profile so that all details are “current” and “correct”.

Do I Get A Discount In The Playboy Shop If I advertise With You? Yes! You be emailed the coupon code to apply at checkout, once your application has been approved and we make your profile “live”. The coupon will give you £10 off our entire range, excluding sale items.

What Kind Of Images Should I Submit? The Playboy Agency will only ever feature girl’s that have “professionally” taken images. They need to be high quality also, in order to be accepted. Our Clients are paying for a “VIP” service and so poor quality images would defeat the object. Please ensure that you include a good selection of “swimwear” images!

How Do I Make A Request For My Details To Be Removed? Simply send an email to and we will remove your profile and details from our website and database.

How Do I Verify My Images? OK, so all girl’s that have a “Verified” stamp on their profile are more likely to receive contact. Management will not make recommendations to Clients where profiles don’t show the verified stamp. To get the all important stamp, simply take a picture of yourself (clear face shot only) holding a piece of paper that reads “The Playboy Agency” on. Email it over to and we will update your profile.

Application Form | Model Casting For The Playboy Agency

Please ensure that you have read the above text before you make your application!

All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.


The Playboy Agency Team ♥♥♥

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