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Your Questions Answered…

I Have Just Joined, When Can I Log In? Please allow for your payment to clear and your account to be approved and created manually. You will then receive an email with your login details! This will normally happen within 24 hours of payment clearing.

How Does It Work ? / How Can I Contact Model’s? You want to make international connections with super hot Model’s…? All that you need to do is become a Playboy Agency Member! Simply provide your name and email address, make your payment and await an email for completion! Once you have set up your log in details, you can access The Playboy Agency Portfolio’s and see girl’s in all their glory. You can basically spend as long as you need, viewing what’s on the table and once your decision is made, use the “Proposal” form to kick things off. The details you submit will be forwarded to your chosen Model and she will either accept or decline. Please be detailed and respectful when you are using the Proposal form -for obvious reasons! 

What is A Sugar Baby Allowance? It essentially means that you are providing spending money and/or providing compensation to your Model, for lack of earnings whilst being in your company. Some girl’s require the allowance and some don’t. It is their personal choice and The Playboy Agency has no influence of required amounts.

What “Expenses” Will I Need To Pay? You are responsible for all expenses that occur during your time spent together, such as food, drinks, entertainment, transport, accommodation etc etc.

Are The Images Of Real Girl’s? The Playboy Agency are honest and authentic, we are not here to deceive! When girl’s join our agency, we ask that they follow a simple image verification process, so that we can be sure everything is above board. This involves the Model sending us a clear image of her face and holding a piece of paper saying, “The Playboy Agency”. Prior to any applications being approved, International Models are interviewed via our video chat facility and where possible, face to face meetings are arranged for all girl’s featured in The Playboy Agency Portfolio. (Please note that management reserves the right to use “demo profiles” from time to time, for marketing purposes.)

What Is The Joining Fee? You can choose from the options below to best suit your needs…

Below are our payment options. Remember…once you receive your coupon code for our online shop, it is still valid when your membership ends… BOOM!



6 Months Subscription | £100 Per Month

1 Year Membership | £250 Per Annum

Lifetime Membership | One Off Payment Of £500

To join our elite circle, simply send us your name and email address using the contact form here.Please note that membership payments are non-refundable.

I didn’t get my coupon code for a shop discount? Please email hq@playboyagency.com and we will re-issue it to you, post hast!

What will the coupon code give me? For the duration of your membership and beyond, you can use the code to get you £10 off each and every item added to your basket! Go crazy!

How do I cancel my membership? Simply email hq@playboyagency.com and your account will be closed, no questions asked.

How can I ask other questions? Email the team via hq@playboyagency.com and we will be happy to assist!