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Your Obligations As A Playboy Agency Member

Please read below before you continue.. You can log in at the bottom of this page, if you are not already gaining full access…! Thank You.

It is worth mentioning that Management ask, not to make a habit of badgering our Model’s on a daily basis (however tempting this may be!). Please keep a respectful distance.

You will notice that the majority of girl’s require a “Sugar Baby” allowance. If you are not familiar with this term, it essentially means that you are providing spending money and/or providing compensation for lack of earnings whilst being in your company. It is your responsibility to obtain your Companion’s bank details early on in the introductions. If this is delayed, your gorgeous girl may not consider you a genuine / serious Client and proceed to make other arrangements with another lucky Gent!

Likewise, all allowances should be honoured BEFORE the meeting and never AFTER the meeting. Management suggests that making a 50% payment towards your Models’s Sugar Baby allowance, before meeting would be acceptable. The remainder should be transferred using the details you were given, when you begin your date. Please note that Playboy Model Escorts list their Sugar Baby allowances on their profiles.They are NOT negotiable under any circumstances. To attempt negotiation, would just insult our amazing Girl’s and will undoubtedly leave you dateless!

You are responsible for all expenses that occur during your time spent together, such as food, drinks, entertainment, transport, accommodation etc etc.

The Playboy Agency prohibits it’s members from offering money for sex. Any communications related to the exchange of sex for money may result in membership cancellation. We do not condone the solicitation of, seeking of, or any communications relating to sex in exchange for money.

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